Event Arenas

Athletik Zentrum St. Gallen

All matches of the A Division, placement matches and semifinals a well as the championship game will be played at the Athletik Zentrum St. Gallen.

The generous and flexible sports centre has a state of the art and multifunctional infrastructure. Located in the centre of St. Gallen, the arena is easy reachable by car or public transport.

With a capacity of 1’500 sitting places, it has the perfect size for the main arena of the WFC.

Address: Parkstrasse 2, 9000 St. Gallen


Sportcentre Herisau

The building in Herisau belongs to the most modern sport centres in the eastern part of Switzerland. Besides the playing arena, it contains an ice rink as well as a public swimming pool. All games of the B Division - exept from the B final - will be played in the Sportscentre Herisau.

Up to 400 spectators can follow the matches in the Sportscentre Herisau.

Address: Kasernenstrasse 71, 9100 Herisau


Athletik Zentrum St. Gallen


Sportcentre Herisau