St. Gallen - the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City

Since 1983 the Abbey Precinct with its baroque cathedral - in the heart of the beautiful old town of St. Gallen - has been part of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Its origins go back to the Irish monk Gallus, who established his hermitage here over 1,400 years ago. A hundred years later the Abbey was built, and in the Middle Ages it became the «scriptorium of Europe» and one of the most important cultural centres of the Occident.

The most famous St. Gallen export

The most famous St.Gallen export is as much a part of St.Gallen as the monastery. It is the region’s culinary pride: The St.Gallen Bratwurst. In no other Swiss city are veal sausages produced with such an incomparable taste and fine bite. Made from first-class veal, freshly skimmed milk and a special mixture of herbs. For visitors to the Eastern Swiss metropolis, the opportunity to taste at least one bite of these patented sausages is simply not to be missed. They are served everywhere – from the eight Gault-Millau-rated restaurants in the city to the sausage stand on the corner. For those who don’t like sausages, there are other culinary highlights in St.Gallen. The city has a lot more to offer than Bratwurst and Bürli.

St. Gallen

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