Herisau - in the beautiful Appenzellerland

Mystical, distinctive and lively: Life in the Appenzellerland

Mummers processions on New Year’s, the «Bloch» parade at carnival time, and alpine cattle drives in the autumn: the calendar sets the pace for life in the Appenzellland – even today. Traditions and customs are more vibrantly alive here than in any other region of Switzerland. In mid-May, the dairy herdsmen dressed in their folk costumes begin to drive their cattle up to the alpine pastures to graze. Afterward the women, dressed in traditional full skirts accessorised with cameo jewellery and Milanese scarves, join them for the «Stobete», the buoyant herdsmen’s festival featuring dancing to string music. And in the autumn, it’s time to award the grandest cow at the cattle shows. The Appenzellerland is a world all its own – authentic and genuine.

Herisau, good for sports and culture

Herisau combines the comfort of a village and of a town, of tradition and modernity. Embedded in the hillside of the Appenzellerland, it offers stunning panoramic views to the nearby mountain range, as well as to the city of St.Gallen and to the Lake Constance region.

With more than 15’500 residents, Herisau is well known for its active local associations and is also the origin of worldwide renown corporations. It also offers a variety of sportive activities. Take a ride on a mountain bike, or simply enjoy the wide range of offers in the “Sportzentrum”: an ice rink, which is open almost all year round, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, massage, gym, and sports halls.

Good reasons for many athletes, professionals as well as common athletes, to visit Herisau for training camps on a regular basis.

A famous cultural site is the Casino Herisau, where many national and international stars like Stress, Sunrise Avenue, Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann performed.

A walk through the city will show you some richly ornate houses, traditional architecture of the “Appenzellerland” and lovely alleys with pubs and restaurants.

Last, but not least, the traditional events are an important part of Herisau: the “Silvesterchlausen” on the 31st of December (men costumed in traditional masks and colourful robes), the carnival with “Gidio Hosestoss”, a man who dies every year because of a cookie and the Christmas market are well known in the whole region. Herisau is the gate to the “Appenzellerland” – feel welcome, or: “sönd willkomm!“


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